Kamila Irvine (She/Her)

Senior Lecturer in Body Image and Eating Disorders, University of Lincoln
  • United Kingdom

About Kamila Irvine

I'm a Senior Lecturer specialising in body image and eating disorders. My work encompasses a number of multidimensional body image themes and interests. I'm particularly interested in perceptual body image and size/shape estimation in both clinical and non-clinical samples. My research investigates methods of measurement and the development of new tools of body size estimation with the use of Virtual Reality and 3D body scanning. I'm also working on a number of applied projects, including a Virtual Reality-body image training (VR-bit), and school-based projects with Body Happy Org. My interest in body image is broad and include: 1) body image, particularly in the context of eating and body pathology, 2) perceptual body image (methods of measurement and size/shape estimation), 3) body image intervention and prevention, 4) eating disorders and distressed eating, 5) weight stigma and anti-fat bias. I'm also interested in under-researched and under-represented populations, qualitative and mixed-methods approaches, and lived experience/expert-by-experience approaches.

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