Paulo Montero-Camacho

Assistant Researcher, Peng Cheng Laboratory
  • China

About Paulo Montero-Camacho

Costa Rican cosmologist interested in how ripples from cosmic reionization affect our understanding of the late universe, i.e. how "memories" from the adolescence stage of our Universe influence the more "adult" Universe that we see roughly billions of years after this stage.

Member of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). 

Also interested in the development of astronomy in Central America and the Caribbean. 

Intro Content

The Status of Astronomy in Central America and the Caribbean

The development of Astronomy in Central America and the Caribbean has stagnated. The number of astronomical papers now is similar to the one from 15 years ago. Here we will describe how this happened, the prospects for the future, and what can be done to grow/maintain Astronomy in the region.


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