Sioban D. Harlow (She/Her)

Professor Emerita of Epidemiology and Global Public Healtj, University of Michigan
  • United States of America

About Sioban D. Harlow

Siobán D. Harlow, PhD, is Professor Emerita of Epidemiology, Global Public Health, and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan where she also serves as Director of the Center for Midlife Science. She was the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Michigan site of the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) (2011-2021) and  PI of the  SWAN Repository (2012-2018). She led the ReSTAGE Collaboration, a multi-study effort to empirically evaluate recommendations for staging reproductive aging and chaired the 2011 STRAW+10 consensus conference that defined an empirically-based model for reproductive aging. She has served on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Division of Reproductive Health Research, of the World Health Organization (2003-2009). Her research focuses on understanding patterns of menstrual function and gynecological morbidity across the lifespan, including leadership in studies of the natural history of ovarian aging and of the interface between ovarian aging and chronic disease. Internationally, she has worked extensively on the impact of global trade and export production on women’s and children’s health and on the health impacts of gender based violence, most recently focusing on conflict-related gender based violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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