Micro-Interview #3

Professor Luciano Marraffini, The Rockefeller University
Published in Microbiology

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Professor Luciano Marraffini recently visited our New York offices and was gracious enough to subject himself to the intense interrogation of our Micro-Interview. Check out his revealing answers above!

And, as a 'Behind the Scenes' extra, I can let you know the answers to some of our pressing soccer questions I unfortunately didn't get to onscreen (his answers in bold):

  • BOCA JUNIORS or RIVER PLATE? [NEITHER; "you should have done more research!"]
  • RONALDO OR MESSI? [Duh, "Messi is from my home town"]
  • MESSI or MARADONA? [A pause; harder question]
  • HANDBALL or HEADER? [Wry laugh; "let's call it header"]

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