Viscosity Measurement no. 1 Cumbre Vieja

This short video provides a view of the measuring apparatus used to constrain the viscosity of the 2021 Cumbre Vieja basanite as a function of temperature. All experiments used this device and ash starting material.
Published in Earth & Environment

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This is the first attempt to constrain realistic shear viscosity on the Cumbre Vieja basanite, collected on 18 November 2021.  The equipment shown consists of a vertical oven, with an internal chamber where the crucible of melt sits (not-observable), and an overhead rheometer that stirs the melt by way of a spindle that is submerged in the melt.  The rheometer's computer measures torque on the spindle created by the contact between the melt and the spindle and then calculates a real-time viscosity (in Pa sec).  

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