Beneath the Waves: Exploring Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Dive beneath the surface and journey into the unseen world of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD). SGD is an often overlooked process that plays an important role in our ocean's ecosystem. It influences everything from nutrient cycles to marine life sustainability.
Published in Sustainability
Beneath the Waves: Exploring Submarine Groundwater Discharge

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Synopsis: This video explains what SGD is, why it's important, and how it operates beneath the ocean's surface. It also delves into how researchers detect and measure SGD, and discusses its environmental impact and significance for our planet's future.

Background: I have been teaching Ecohydrology and Natural Processes courses at Utrecht University over the last several years. As 'textbook' water cycle diagrams would have it, SGDs are rarely represented. So, for lecture purposes, I would modify a textbook water cycle diagram and add a box ('storage') and arrows ('flow') to represent SGD. 

This year, a student in the Bachelor's in Global Sustainability Science, Mira van Meteren, expressed interest in SGDs. As part of the Honours Programme, Mira created a ~6-minute video on SGD.  In the future, instead of using static water cycle diagrams, I can use Mira's video to briefly explain SGDs in the classroom! 


A related, earlier post on SGD is here. An accompanying publication by Cardenas et al. (2020, Geophysical Research Letters) is here

Poster image credit: Prof. Bayani Cardenas (The University of Texas at Austin) and Raymond S. Rodolfo (Ateneo de Manila University).

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