Biopharma amid the pandemic

When a disliked industry is called to action
Biopharma amid the pandemic

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The most recent Gallup poll found that the pharmaceutical industry is the most poorly regarded among all major business sectors in the United States. It ranked dead last – coming in below the oil industry and even the government itself – and its drug pricing has been under attack from both sides of the political aisle for years. 

In the midst of this new low for biopharma, the SARS-CoV2 global pandemic appears. How has the biotech industry responded, and what has been exposed about our preparedness as a nation against new infectious disease events? 

I talked with Biotechnology Innovation Organization Chairman Jeremy Levin about this in our latest podcast, but we also covered how it is that an industry built on saving lives can be seen in such a negative light, and what might be done about it. 

The podcast can be found here


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