First Rounders: Alexis Borisy

I don't want to be just about the money
First Rounders: Alexis Borisy

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Alexis Borisy had a clear path to a researcher’s life – he’d grown up as a “faculty brat” on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, where his father was a professor, and he’d been accepted into a PhD program at Harvard under Stuart Schreiber. But something didn’t feel right, and so he walked away from that and found what he does best – building biotechs. He’s had a hand in forming Blueprint Medicines, Warp Drive Bio, Editas and more. Today he’s the CEO and Chairman of EQRx. In our conversation, he recalls being a young consultant and riding to lunch with a pharma exec, and suddenly understanding all the things he didn’t want to be. The podcast can be found here

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