From Rosario to Krakow

I’m Arantxa Rojas, I’m a graduate student in the RNA biology Lab in the Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Rosario, in Santa Fe, Argentina. In the lab we are interested in how plant microRNAs are generated and in the regulatory networks in which they participate.
From Rosario to Krakow

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I’ve been part of the group since 2014, working on microRNA biogenesis since then. I must admit that I love RNA. I’m fascinated with RNA, because it is a versatile molecule: it can be a genome, a messenger and also a small regulatory molecule. It can be found in different sizes and shapes and it is amazing all that an RNA molecule can do and all the information it stores to play its role.

It usually takes me 30-40 minutes get to the lab from my home on the bus, and I use that time to see what happens on Twitter, looking for new papers, courses and news. So, one day I found the Communications Journal support to attend an international congress through travel grants for early career researchers. I’ve wanted to attend the RNA Society Meeting for several years, but the conference is too far away from me and I couldn't afford that cost.

I didn’t hesitate, and I applied for the grant to see if I could (finally) attend the 24th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society this year in Krakow, Poland. When I was notified that I was receiving the Communications Biology grant I couldn't believe it!

I’m almost finishing my PhD in Biological Sciences and I’m thinking about the next step. Attending this international meeting can help me in different ways: I can present my work to colleagues, meet other people who are passionate about RNA like me, and I hope this experience helps me find answers and advice about my professional future. Furthermore, I’ve never been to Poland or Europe before, so for me it’s an exciting experience 😊

Once the Meeting is over, I’ll tell you more about my experience in a future publication.

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Go to the profile of Brooke LaFlamme
about 5 years ago

Congratulations, Arantxa! I hope you're having an awesome time in Krakow :)

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