Guest Edited Collection on plasmon-mediated chemistry

We are excited to announce that Communications Chemistry is now welcoming submissions to our newest Guest Edited Collection on plasmon-mediated chemistry.
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Guest Edited Collection on plasmon-mediated chemistry

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Plasmon-mediated chemical reactions have revolutionized the way we manipulate and control chemical transformations with light, leveraging the unique properties of surface plasmons in noble metal nanostructures. These remarkable phenomena have opened up a vast array of possibilities for harnessing light-matter interactions to drive chemical processes with remarkable precision and efficiency. The field of plasmon-mediated chemical reactions is expanding rapidly, and this Collection in Communications Chemistry explores the frontiers of this exciting research area.

We aim to cover a comprehensive range of topics related to plasmon-mediated chemical reactions. We welcome submissions that delve into:

  • Real-time monitoring techniques for plasmon-assisted chemical reactions, shedding light on the dynamic evolution of chemical transformations at the nanoscale
  • Mechanistic investigations of reaction pathways
  • Enhanced catalysis and selective transformations facilitated by plasmonic nanostructures
  • Design and synthesis of novel plasmonic materials for catalytic application
  • Fundamental aspects that govern energy transfer and charge carrier dynamics in plasmon-induced chemical reactions
  • Energy conversion and storage applications of plasmon-mediated chemical reactions
  • Environmental and sustainability aspects of plasmon-driven reactions: environmental remediation, sustainable synthesis, and green chemistry
  • Theoretical studies of chemical reactions assisted by plasmons, charge transfer at plasmonic interfaces and light-molecule interaction in plasmonic systems
  • Thermoplasmonics and its role in assisting chemical reactions

The team of Editors working on this Collection is:

Guest Editor: Prof Christa Brosseau, Saint Mary's University, Canada

Guest Editor: Prof Emiliano Cortés, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

Senior Editor: Dr Teresa Ortner, Communications Chemistry, Germany

Chief Editor: Dr Victoria Richards, Communications Chemistry, UK

Commissioning Editor: Charlotte Rowley, Nature Portfolio, UK

Managing Editor: Tom Dodds, Nature Portfolio, UK

The Collection primarily welcomes original research papers, in the form of both full Articles, as well as Perspectives, Reviews and Comments. All submissions will be subject to the same review process and editorial standards as regular Communications Chemistry articles.

Full details here: 

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