How do I add a co-author or contributor to my post?

Knowing that scientific discovery relies on a team of people, we recognise that there may be more than one author who should contribute to a Community post. Read on to find out how to invite a collaborator or co-author to the Community and acknowledge them in the post.
How do I add a co-author or contributor to my post?

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Adding a co-author who is already part of the Community

If your co-author has previously written a post for the Community, adding them to a post  is very straightforward. In the post creation page, you will see a number of tabs on the right hand side. Select ‘Contributors’, type their name into the search box and click on their profile. Once you save and publish a post, they will be acknowledged as a co-author at the start of the post and the blog post will also appear on their profile page.

The different tabs available on the 'Create a post' page, with the 'Contributor' tab highlighted. With a search for a user named 'Rita' displayed.

If your co-author is part of the Community, but hasn’t previously written a post, it may be likely that we need to update their profile to ensure that they can be added as a contributor. First, check if you can search for them using the steps above. If you are not able to find their profile, please contact our team and we will be able to help update their profile so they can be added as a contributor.

Inviting a co-author to the Community

If your co-author has not yet joined the Community, you can send them an invitation to join. To do this, visit the ‘Contributors’ tab in the post creation page (shown above), type their email address into the ‘Invite New Contributor’ box, and click ‘Invite’.

The 'Invite New Contributor' box with an email address displayed. A green button to the right of the email address says 'Invite'.

This will send them an invitation to the Community. If they don’t receive this email, ask them to check their junk folder, and if it is not received please contact the team for further assistance.

Your co-authors should accept the invitation by following the link in the email, and set up their profile. Once they have completed their profile set up,  they will be added as contributors.

Once the blog post is published, it will be displayed on all the co-authors' pages. We encourage you all to share your post with your networks and through social media.

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