I wouldn't go/ as far as
Published in Microbiology

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I wouldn’t go

as far as

to say I’m

making a

scientific career.

It’s more about

hourly trying to



each knowledge bit

- while petty -

stitches me more

to the universe



The title is inspired by Haruki Murakami's novel "Dance, Dance, Dance" where the narrator refers to his job as columnist for a local magazine as "shovelling cultural snow".

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Go to the profile of Ben Johnson
over 7 years ago
I think this is one of my favourites - although I would say you are doing very well in your scientific career! I also want to introduce you to Fouad El Baidouri, who is also interested in scientific poetry https://naturemicrobiologycommunity.nature.com/users/20696-fouad-el-baidouri
Go to the profile of Fouad El Baidouri
over 7 years ago
Thank you Ben and I really like this: "...-while petty - stitches me more to the universe endless.''
Go to the profile of Silvia Bulgheresi
over 7 years ago
Thanks a lot Ben! I hope Fouad will soon post some of his works, I'm looking forward to reading them!