Promoting open science through the sharing of genomic and genetic data: introducing BMC Genomic Data

BMC Genomic Data, previously known as BMC Genetics, is a dedicated space to share genomic data that might not yet meet the criteria for a traditional research article.
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Promoting open science through the sharing of genomic and genetic data: introducing BMC Genomic Data

The BMC Series has always supported open science, making high quality research open to anyone who wanted to access and use it, particularly for the genetics and genomics community. Continuing this tradition of open research today, and responding to researcher’s needs in this field, we are delighted to announce that BMC Genetics has been re-launched as BMC Genomic Data

BMC Genomic Data is a new home for genomic and genetic data, welcoming submissions of our new ‘data note’ article type to describe genetic and genomic datasets. The journal will also consider articles that include analyses of new or existing genomic data, particularly with a focus on advancing data sharing and reuse to support reproducible research.

Our sister journal BMC Research Notes pioneered the data note, and has become a dedicated open access forum for research outputs across all scientific fields which might otherwise remain unpublished. Because of the importance of open data to the genomics community, we’ve decided to re-launch BMC Genomic Data as a subject-specific outlet to help researchers share their work and get credit for their contributions. 

By publishing your genomic data, you can make it easier to find, cite and share, and when a full research article is ready to publish, link the two publications so readers can easily access the data.

If you want to know more about BMC Genomic Data, read our blog and FAQs, or feel free to get in touch!

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