Scientific Reports has expanded its scope to psychology

Psychologists will find a warm welcome for their work at Scientific Reports.
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Scientific Reports has expanded its scope to psychology

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At Scientific Reports we have long been, in the spirit of inclusivity, considering submissions looking at various aspects of human behaviour. Now, to better meet the needs of this community, we are formally expanding our scope to include psychology.

Psychologists will find a warm welcome for their work at Scientific Reports and can take advantage of our recent commitment to consideration of Registered Reports, which are a format of particular benefit to the field. We also believe that our focus on the assessment of methodologist rigour and scientific validity, rather than perceived importance of the findings, aligns well with the community's dedication to tackle problems with research reproducibility.

Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of publishing with Scientific ReportsYou can also browse our current psychology content and get to know our experienced Editorial Board Members.

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Go to the profile of Mary Elizabeth Sutherland
over 2 years ago

This is great news! I'm glad to see another good outlet for solid psychology research and registered reports!

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