We, or rather you, made the front page!

Coverage in mainstream media in Spain put Nature Microbiology on (my family's) map
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We, or rather you,  made the front page!

I am not a very prolific blogger, and generally shy away from a personal approach, rather taking a step back and focusing on the facts at hand. However, I am posting to "From the editors" (from me) today, and I wanted to share a rather cool experience that I had yesterday.

I was reading the spanish mainstream newspaper El Mundo -the most-read newspaper in spanish, no less- when I came across coverage for one of our very own articles. It related to the Letter we published yesterday by @archaeal and colleagues, on the inference of the lifestyle and metabolic capabilities of archaea that inhabit the Earth's subsurface, thus aptly named Hadesarchaea (for the Greek God of the underworld). Needless to say, the study -which throws light on a new class of poorly studied microbes that survive in the harsh environment of the subsurface- very much deserves the attention, which it also received in other outlets, such as Europa Press (also spanish) and IBT.

For me, in addition to the pride of seeing "our 2 month-old baby" in the press, came the possibility of some personal recognition. An end to the "where do you say you work again?", "how come I never read or hear about "your" journal in the news?". As you can read in my brief bio below, I worked at (the great!) EMBO reports before, but friends and family from different walks of life, including several academics -although mostly in humanities- never quite recognised the place or knew where/what it was. In their eyes (and the ears of their listeners) I have spent the last eight years, since leaving UCLA, working everywhere from the EU to the European Research Council (ERC). Now, thanks to Baker and colleagues and the many people that make Nature Microbiology possible, all of that has changed. WhatsApp had a peak of activity centralized on my cell phone last night and we are officially on the map!

Keep them coming so we can have many happy returns!

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Go to the profile of Ben Libberton
about 8 years ago
Wow that's great. Do you know how it got picked up?
Go to the profile of Nonia Pariente
about 8 years ago
Not sure exactly. It was press released by Uppsala University, where the last author (and several others) are from, so I imagine that from some of the usual press centers, such as Alpha Galileo.