Dominique Morneau

Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Methods Primers
  • United Kingdom

About Dominique Morneau

I'm the Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Methods Primers, where I handle papers related to biomethods. Before joining NRMP, I was an editor with Genome Biology and Communications Biology. I got my PhD from Carleton University in Canada, with a research background in plant biochemistry, plant genetics and biotechnology, and soil microbiology. I am based in the London office.

Recent Comments

Nov 11, 2020
Replying to Hamid.G ⌬

Hi. I wondered if we could write a review on a well-established method, or should it necessarily be a new method?

Hi, thanks for your interest in the journal! Primers don't have to cover only new methods, we're also interested in well-established methods. Before you start writing, I would suggest contacting the editors at to discuss what you have in mind and whether we think it would work for the journal.


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