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I am Associate Professor of Practice of Business and Finance at New York University Shanghai, Affiliate Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral, Brazil and Senior Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Business, NYU Stern. You can find more about my research, teaching and consulting at:


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Apr 21, 2020
Replying to Mark McCaffrey

The framework seems solid and of course good to link public health to climate and other global change dynamics, but adding scale as a sixth factor would make it even more robust; interventions vary- some work well at a local level, some more at a community or urban scale (especially when, as we've seen with COVID19 response, that's where the action is),some at nation/state, some at continental or international scales. One size doesn't fit all, and focusing on the community to urban scale (10,000 to 1 million) may prove to be the sweet spot where local and global converge:

Thank you. I do use such a division to motivate my teaching. The static framework here can and indeed should be expanded. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. 



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