Evaldo Costa

Post-Doctor Researcher, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – Centro de Estudos sobre a Mudança Socioeconómica e o Território
  • Portugal

About Evaldo Costa

Evaldo Costa is an interdisciplinary fellowship researcher working in a project funded by Portuguese agency for science and technology (FCT). He has experience in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering. His background includes a Ph.D. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies from NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a Ph.D. in Business Economics at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium. His research focuses on sustainable transition pathways. Specifically, on mechanisms to support the decarbonizing of economy through boost renewable energy sources (RES), clean technologies, digitalization, and innovation processes. He has been exploring various theories and mobilized a wide range of methods and techniques, and tools covering quantitative, qualitative studies. His previous research evaluated on renewables source (solar and wind), electric mobility, and its infrastructure, and industry considering a) business model innovation; b) CO2 emissions inventory; c) energy balance; and d) public policies to overcome socio-technical barriers. He has relevant international experience in collaborative research in North America (USA), Europe (Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom) and South America (Brazil); publishing articles in top/peer-reviewed journals, experiencing presentations at international conferences (Europe, North America, South America, and Africa); submitting projects for national and international funding agencies; and member of previous funded project. Furthermore, he has acted as a reviewer for top/indexed journals, become a member of a Ph.D. supervisory board, and keeps a wide and active international scientific relationship network. Before shifting his career to the research field, he worked several years as a university professor, and as an international industry consultant. He hopes contributing to a more sustainable and a better world.

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