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Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
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Apr 02, 2019

Thanks for your comment! I could not agree more - alot of insights get lost on the way to the policy makers or communities! I think there is a couple of options:

1) Publishers like Nature Springer go ahead and publish policy briefs based on the (policy-relevant) papers they publish. I guess, publishers would have to hire people who really know how to translate a scientific paper into such policy brief. Researchers are not well trained (and unfortunately often lack the time and incentive to get training)

2) Universities hire "translators". 

3) Universities change incentives for researchers (though I think employing "translators" might be more efficient and effective)

4) Researcher use the media more. In my experiences, press articles are often a more effective way of reaching policy makers than through policy briefs. But again, incentives/translators/training needed.

Any plans from Nature Journals to become active on point 1?

Jan 04, 2019

Thanks for the really fun blog entry! Even tops my experiences from working in an interdisciplinary research group of engineers, economists, and political scientists on a daily basis.