Yana Weinstein

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
  • United States of America

About Yana Weinstein

Yana Weinstein is an Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She received her PhD in Psychology from University College London and had 4 years of postdoctoral training at Washington University in St. Louis. The broad goal of her research is to help students make the most of their academic experience. Yana's research interests lie in improving the accuracy of memory performance and the judgments students make about their cognitive functions. Yana tries to pose questions that have direct applied relevance, such as: How can we help students choose optimal study strategies? Why are test scores sometimes so surprising to students? And how does retrieval practice help students learn?


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Oct 10, 2016
Very interesting, thanks - I've often wondered whether passive (teacher-led) learning followed by some kind of student-led activity is a good way to structure learning. Good to see empirical evidence for this approach.
Oct 03, 2016
Hi Warren, yes - those are indeed the languages that most people have recommended we tackle next! Thanks!


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