Strategies for Effective Learning Around the World

We are working on translating our effective learning resources into different languages so we can reach a more diverse audience.
Published in Neuroscience
Strategies for Effective Learning Around the World

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As most of you know, we recently released posters describing 6 learning strategies supported by cognitive psychology:

  • spaced practice
  • retrieval practice
  • elaboration
  • interleaving
  • concrete examples
  • dual coding

Now we are working on translating these posters into as many languages as possible. Currently, we have completed 6 translations:

Now, we'd like to hear from you:

What language would YOU like these posters translated into?

We are currently seeking funding for this project, and will try to prioritize the languages for which there is the most demand.

Thank you for your input!
(On behalf of the Learning Scientists - Megan, Cindy, & Yana)

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Go to the profile of Warren Raye
almost 8 years ago
Hi Yana (and Megan and Cindy). These are great! Have you considered Japanese and Chinese as potential languages for translation?
Go to the profile of Yana Weinstein
almost 8 years ago
Hi Warren, yes - those are indeed the languages that most people have recommended we tackle next! Thanks!
Go to the profile of Queensland Brain Institute
almost 8 years ago
Hi Yana – I'd second Warren's suggestion, given the interest in evidence-based learning in the Asia-Pacific region.