Strategies for Effective Learning: Videos for Teachers and Students

Teachers can show these study strategy videos in class, or have students watch them outside of class.
Published in Neuroscience
Strategies for Effective Learning: Videos for Teachers and Students

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With our Learning Scientists project, Dr. Megan Smith, Dr. Cindy Wooldridge and I are attempting to bring the science of learning to teachers and students around the world. Our efforts are currently centered around providing information on six particularly effective study strategies, which are unfortunately neglected in traditional teacher-training textbooks and courses (according to this report).

Last week, Dr. Megan Smith wrote about our posters on each of the 6 strategies, which are now being translated into multiple languages. Today, I'm writing about a new resource we are creating: brief videos that describe each study strategy.

We have started with the first two strategies - which are also the most reliable: spaced practice, and retrieval practice (click on each term to see the accompanying blog post).

We hope you enjoy these videos - but most importantly, we hope you'll share them with your students!

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almost 8 years ago
These look like they are fantastic resources Yana! Thanks for posting in this Channel. :)