Julia Fischer

Professor, German Primate Center
  • Germany

About Julia Fischer

I am a professor for Primate Cognition at the University of Goettingen in Germany, and head of the Cognitive Ethology Lab at the German Primate Center, Goettingen. Together with my team, I study the social behavior, cognition and communication of Old world monkeys, including baboons, macaques, and Savanna monkeys. Our main focus is on the fabulous Guinea baboons whose lives we track at our field site Simenti in the Niokolo Koba National Park in Senegal. We also investigate the vocal communication of Savanna monkeys, and the cognitive abilities of two macaque species. I serve on a number of evaluation committees and advisory boards, and contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge by giving talks to broader audiences, visiting schools, and through my book "Monkey Talk" published by University of Chicago Press (2017).


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