Ross MacPhee

Curator in Mammalogy, American Museum of Natural History
  • United States of America

About Ross MacPhee

I specialize in mammalian evolution, paleobiogeography, and extinction studies. I have collected fossils in many parts of the world, including both polar regions. I am currently concentrating on the evolution of South American mammals, especially late Cenozoic groups, in collaboration with aDNA and paleoproteomic specialists.


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Jun 11, 2019

Hi Marc, Frido Welker, Enrico Cappellini and their Copenhagen and MPI colleagues are hoping to do some of what you outline with enamel proteins (e.g. Denisovan jaw from Tibetan Plateau). Main issue will be preservation, as always. 

My group is hoping to maximize our possibilities by working with mid-Pliocene fossil mammals from Ellesmere I. in Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Collagen preservation is outstanding, should be similar for enamel proteins.