Efstathios Giotis

Research Fellow, Imperial College London
  • United Kingdom

About Efstathios Giotis

I graduated from the School of veterinary medicine (Aristotle University, Greece) in 2001, received my MSc in biotechnology in 2002 and PhD in microbiology in 2006 from the Ulster and Illinois State Universities. Since 2009, I worked in research projects in the UK and abroad and gained a broad experience in research involving animal infection models, zoonotic bacteria and viruses. Common denominators of my research are the focus on the interface of human-animal health and the use of transcriptomics technologies to answer scientific questions. I joined Imperial College London in 2012 and my current expertise is cantered on 3 overlapping themes: a) the molecular basis of pathogenesis, b) the host range restrictions, and c) the immunomodulatory abilities of avian- and bat-borne viruses. Beyond these, I am fascinated by the remarkable variation of tropisms and possible clinical outcomes that flaviviruses display, despite their high degrees of genomic similarity.


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