Maria Amélia Martins-Loução

President , Portuguese Ecological Society
  • Portugal

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Soil Ecology / Plant Conservation / Ecosystem services Full Professor. Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes. Faculdade de Ciências. Universidade de Lisboa

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Gaia - The Great Mother Earth

Earth Day was created 50 years ago to embed in Man a regular reflection on our common house. Today, in the “COVID-19 storm”, the trinity, biodiversity, climate change, and public health must never be forgotten and the three corners of the triangle should serve to outline future economic strategies.


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Congrats Camille, very interesting work emphasising the need to look at microbiome more intensively than usually do when we are dealing with ecosystem interactions and resilience.

See and enjoy the film. I would like to receive your feedbacks.

This is very interesting and I wonder if you do this also in terms of soil microbiota.

I know there is, but we really need urgently some good tools to both "domesticated" soil ecosystems and identify reliable soil microbioma indicators. My group at Plant Soil Ecology is working on introducing microbioma consorcia for better plant production

This is very interesting and I wonder if you do this also in terms of soil microbiota.

This is fabulous since it was also in the same date, precisely that Ernst van Haeckel defined Ecology. And we always considered Humboldt as the father of Ecology.

Since 2016, after the ceremony in EU Parliament of the 150th year of that definition, SPECO (Portuguese Society of Ecology) has launched that day as the Ecology Day. The idea now is to spread all over the world numerous activities for people understand the role of ecology and ecologists in these changing biosphere.


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