Sergio Almécija

Senior Research Scientist, American Museum of Natural History
  • United States of America

About Sergio Almécija

I am interested in the evolution of humans within the primate branch of the tree of life. My research seeks to apply evolutionary theory, as well as empirical biology and paleontology to obtaining a macroevolutionary perspective on human evolution through several avenues of investigation: ​(1) Paleontological fieldwork (2) Morphometric techniques to quantitatively characterize three-dimensional phenotypes (3) Phylogenetic comparative methods and evolutionary modeling to elucidate the tempo and mode of human evolution (4) Implementing biological data form living primates (e.g,. locomotor behavior, molecular phylogenetics) in paleobiological inferences (5) Stopping from time to time to think carefully consider: Which are the right questions that we should be asking?


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