Wei Liu

Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Chinese Academic of Sciences
  • China

About Wei Liu

Electron microscopy has served as a unique methodology in directly observing materials at nano- or even atomic scale. Deeply rooted in surface chemistry and nanotechnology, demands from catalysis study have been driving the combination of traditional microscopy techniques e.g. analytical electron microscopy, high-resolution microscopy with the capability of loading real working conditions, denoted as ‘in situ microscopy’, aiming to correlate structural dynamics with the catalytic reaction performances. To try to touch the nature of catalysis rather than encounter a fantastic microscopy discovery. I focus my main efforts on seeking reliable connections between a statistic and spectroscopic descriptions about catalytic behaviors and the localized details extracted from the big data of in situ microscopy. It is a methodology issue to turn the microscopy capability to face to the urgent catalysis demands.


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