Arman Pili (He/Him)

PhD candidate, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
  • Australia

About Arman Pili

Arman is an early-career scientist and a PhD candidate at Monash University (finishing June 2023). His fields of expertise and interest are invasion science, global change biology, applied ecology, biodiversity informatics, and ecological statistics. He is fixated on developing biosecurity decision support tools that can defensibly forecast alien invaders and invasions: what alien species will arrive? when, where, how, and how often will they arrive? will they become invasive? and what impact will they cause? "Lateral thinking with withered technology" (Gunpei Yokoi), Arman creatively and innovatively approaches his research problems by employing statistical and technological advancements in other scientific disciplines.

Arman aspires to lead his own lab in a humble and progressive University.

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Springer Nature

virToad — a new arsenal in the fight against cane toad invasions

In a paper just published in Landscape Ecology, we showcase a state-of-the-art computer program called virToad. Scientists and conservation managers may use virToad to virtually test the efficiency and cost of potential management strategies before carrying them out in the real world.

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