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Feb 23, 2021

Exists, indeed. We, women, are continuously exposed to those comments – sadly, not only in academia.

Right before Covid, I met an impressive professor of weak opinions. While describing his group, he was disappointed for hiring a pregnant postdoc and not being able to cancel the contract.

Terrible labelling without giving her a chance. I have seen very productive and organized mothers and pregnant researchers who do their work in half the time – there is no other option for them!

Sep 12, 2019

Happy monthiversary, Faten, and thank you so much for sharing this post. I had the chance to meet two of my editors and I am aware of how present and helpful they are. One of them had the titanic task of sending my manuscript to 62 reviewers, none of them interested in the topic (pff, they don't know how awesome macroalgae are). God knows how he did, but he managed to secure me all the reviewers during a conference.  

Sep 12, 2019

Great article!!! It reminded me of the book Farmers of forty centuries, by Franklin Hiram King that I am reading right now. This book describes a real, sustainable agriculture supported by China, Korea and Japan. It also came to my mind that in my uni back in Colombia, instead of using pesticides, we used  "coriander fences" to avoid ants eating the plants for our genetic experiments. I hope we could implement our re-discovered methods, such as the ones in the book and the biological controls you explain, in our modern agriculture. 

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