Alexandr Talyzin

Associate Professor, Umeå University
  • Sweden

About Alexandr Talyzin

My research interests include 2D materials in general, graphite/graphene oxides, swelling under temperature and pressure variations,  energy storage and many other occasional subjects. My first experiments with graphite oxides date back to 2007.   My group was first to report many unusual phenomena related to swelling of graphite oxides and later graphene oxide membranes. We found pressure induced swelling in graphite oxide (2008), temperature-dependent phase transitions in Brodie graphite oxide (2012), gradual changes of swelling state in Hummers graphite oxide as a function of temperature (2011, 2013), temperature driven delamination of Hummers graphite oxide in acetonitrile (2015), multilayered intercalation of octanol into Brodie graphite oxide structure (2017) .    Our studies of GO membrane swelling in various solvents were some of the first in the field (2014, 2015).  We were first to measure swelling pressure developed by graphite oxides and GO membranes under conditions of confined swelling (2021). 


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