anna bernasconi

Dr, Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Italy

About anna bernasconi

I am a postdoctoral researcher with the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria at the Politecnico di Milano and a visiting researcher at Universitat Politècnica de València. She received her Ph.D. in Information Technology from the Politecnico di Milano in February 2021.
My research areas are Bioinformatics, Databases, and Data Science Methods, where she applies conceptual modeling, data integration, semantic web technologies to biological and genomic data. Starting from a PhD thesis on the modeling and integration of data and metadata of human genomic datasets,
I then extended my expertise to the fastly growing field of viral genomics, particularly relevant since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. 
I am active in the conceptual modeling and database communities, with several paper presentations and the organization of two tutorials (ER and EDBT conferences) and two workshops on conceptual models and web applications for life sciences (ER and ICWE conferences).


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