Brendan O'Connor (He/Him)

McWilliams Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University
  • United States of America

About Brendan O'Connor

Hi, I'm Brendan. I'm an observational astronomer studying cosmic explosions. My research is in the field of time domain and transient astrophysics. In particular, I am interested in the formation and evolution of high energy transients and their progenitors. I use a variety of optical, infrared, and X-ray observatories to study transient phenomena across the electromagnetic spectrum.

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An unusual long gamma-ray burst reveals its surprising link to compact binary mergers

This is a "Behind-the-paper" post on Troja, Fryer, O'Connor et al. 2022 ( "A long gamma-ray burst from a merger of compact objects" which presents the discovery of a kilonova associated to the long gamma-ray burst GRB 211211A.


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