Davide Zaccagnino (He/Him)

PhD student in Geophysics, Sapienza University
  • Italy

About Davide Zaccagnino

I am a theoretical statistical physicist with a wide background in non-equilibrium, disordered and critical systems with applications to Earth Science. I graduated in Physics in 2019 and in Theoretical physics in 2021. I have been a PhD student in Geophysics at the Department of Earth Sciences since November 2021. My research activity focuses on physical modeling of seismicity, but I am also interested in global geodynamics and tectonic processes. My main goal is a deep knowledge of the physics of seismicity, which ultimately means how large-scale crustal instability develops, in order to get reliable seismic hazard assessment.

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Double-couple troubles

A planar seismic source approximates a real fault. In nature, several faults are activated in the volume during a quake and are rather undulated. In the shallow cold crustal layer, rocks are disaggregated in a breccia, whose thickness varies with tectonic style, being larger in extensional settings.


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