Deni Mazrekaj (He/Him)

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Utrecht University
  • Netherlands

About Deni Mazrekaj

I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Utrecht University and an affiliated researcher at the University of Oxford and KU Leuven. I completed my Ph.D. in economics in 2019 at KU Leuven after which I was a postdoctoral researcher in sociology and social demography at the University of Oxford. In my spare time, I am an Associate Editor of Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, and on the Editorial Board of Sociology.

My research is situated at the intersection of sociology of education and the sociology of the family. I am particularly interested in the role of school and family environment in the development of children’s outcomes. I received the 2021 James Coleman Best Education Article Award and the 2022 Family Article of the Year Award from the American Sociological Association, as well as the 2022 Prize for Best Article from the European Academy of Sociology for my research about children with same-sex parents.

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