Dr. Dibesh Karmacharya

Executive Director, Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal
  • Nepal

About Dr. Dibesh Karmacharya

Dibesh Karmacharya has a Conservation Biology degree from the Wayne State College (USA) and a PhD on Conservation and Microbiome Genetics from the Griffith University (Australia). He worked on transgenic animal models at Caliper Lifesciences (USA) as a research scientist. He promoted Genomics and Proteomics technology platforms for GE Healthcare Lifesciences in the US and Canada. He is the founder/chair of the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, a wildlife genetics and clinical epidemiology research center. He also founded Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd.-a molecular diagnostics-based Biotechnology Company, and Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics-a leading cancer diagnostic laboratory. He is Founder/Director of BIOVAC Nepal- a vaccine research, development and manufacturing company. He leads several innovative research on environment, health and agro sectors. He has been developing “Early Warning System” for infectious diseases through innovative One Health based genomics environmental surveillance. He is an adjunct Research Fellow at the School of the Environment – University of Queensland (Australia). 

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Preventing disease outbreaks and avoiding next pandemic

USAID Biodiversity Nepal’s active zoonotic disease surveillance system is dedicated to identify and monitor zoonotic diseases early on, thereby, containing and reducing the risk of large-scale outbreaks that can impact both human, animal health and biodiversity.


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