Hansen Chen (He/Him)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
  • United States of America

About Hansen Chen

I'm a senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University. I investigate the molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases, such as stroke, and develop therapies for their treatment. My past training focuses on the mechanisms of blood-brain barrier (BBB) damage and hemorrhagic transformation of ischemic stroke, and I identified several compounds for reducing ischemic brain injury. 

I'm investigating the interactions of the immune and nervous systems in stroke injury. My research is supported by AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship 916011, and NIH grants from Gary K. Steinberg lab at Stanford.

I'm also serving as a reviewer for over 20 scientific journals. I'm a blog contributor for Stroke journal.

My Twitter handle: Hansen Chen (@Chenhsbbb) / Twitter


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