Juan Pablo Fuenzalida Werner

Sub-group leader, Technische Universität München, Campus Straubing
  • Germany

About Juan Pablo Fuenzalida Werner

I am a Protein engineer; I have fun playing with proteins and their colors; my goal is to "convince" proteins to do what we want them to do. My career started at Universidad Austral de Chile, where I studied pharmaceutical chemistry. In Chile, I combined my studies with my passion for research in the Polymers Lab under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ignacio Moreno. In 2015, I got my Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Münster (Germany), studying the interaction between polysaccharides and proteins under Prof. Dr. Francisco Goycoolea.  In 2016, I started as a postdoctoral researcher in the Cell Engineering group of Dr. Andre Stiel at IBMI at the Helmholtz Zentrum München (Germany), working on the development and understanding of new genetically encoded labels as well as new optoacoustic instrumentation. Since September 2020, I have been a sub-group leader /Akademischer Rat developing optoelectronic proteins at the chair of biogenic functional materials led by Prof. Dr. Rubén D. Costa at the Technical University of München, Campus Straubing (Germany).

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Nature Biotechnology

Best of two worlds: How to sense and switch

The development of rsGCaMP. Introducing a photoswitchable sensors prototype for super-resolution microscopy and optoacoustic (photoacoustic) imaging.


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