María José Pozo (She/Her)

Assistant Professor, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Ecuador

About María José Pozo

I obtained a BS in Biological Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. I have a Master's degree in Biotechnology and Genomics from Rutgers University (United States). I am currently a full-time assistant professor in the Biotechnology Area at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) where I am part of the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory. My research interests focus on the molecular study of animals and plants, but my main focus is genomics and genetic diversity of organisms such as the Andean bear, the Galapagos carpenter bee, stingrays, geckos, among others. I am also part of a community engagement project that seeks to reduce conflicts between wildlife and humans by molecularly identifying the predator in cases of attacks on livestock in rural areas of Ecuador.


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