Mohsen Lashgari

Faculty Member, Instritute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

About Mohsen Lashgari

Dr Lashgari is an Associate Professor of Physical Electrochemistry at IASBS. His research interests and expertise are as follows:

  1. Semiconductor-based Solar Energy Materials [Thin-film & Bulk] and Photoelectrochemical Devices/Reactors.
  2. Green Technologies, Pollutant Transformation/Valorization, and Artificial Photosynthesis of Fuels/Chemicals.
  3. Finding Sustainable Strategies and Fundamental Solutions for Energy/Water/Fuel and Environmentally related Problems.
  4. Advanced Oxidation/Reduction [Atomistic Hydrogenation], Heterogenous Catalysis & Electrostatic Boosting Strategy.
  5. Electrolysis, H2, CO2, NH3, etc.
  6. Hazmat, Corrosion and Environmental Remedy.
  7. Solar-based Fuels/Phenomena.
  8. Quantum [Coupled Cluster/Polarized Continuum] Models in Corrosion Science & Metals Protection.
  9. Applied Physical Chemistry.
  10. Global Warming & Climate Change: Fundamental Insights and Practical Solutions!

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