Prof. Mateo Aboy, PhD, SJD, Fellow IAPP

Director of Research in Biomedical Innovation, Precision Medicine, AI & Law (LML), University of Cambridge
  • United Kingdom

About Prof. Mateo Aboy, PhD, SJD, Fellow IAPP

Prof. Mateo Aboy is Director of Research in Biomedical Innovation, AI & Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, UK. He is a member of the Centre for Law, Medicine & Life Sciences (LML) and the Centre for IP & Information Law (CIPIL) at the University of Cambridge. His multidisciplinary background includes a combination of law, engineering, regulatory science, and management experience. He holds degrees in electrical & computer engineering (BS, BSEE, MSECE, MPhil/DEA, PhD ECE), law (LLB, SJD/PhD/LLD), and international management (MBA), as well as professional registrations as a Professional Chartered Engineer (CEng, EU/ES COIT), Certified Licensing Professional (CLP), Patent Practitioner with a Bar Admission/licensed to practice in patent cases before the United States Patent Office (USPTO), Fellow of Information Privacy (FIT, IAPP), Certified Privacy Information Professional (CIPP/E), Certified Privacy Manager (CIPM), Lead Implementer of Information Security Management Systems-ISMS (ISO 27001), Lead Auditor of Medical Device Quality Management Systems (ISO 13485), Lead Implementer of Privacy Information Management Systems - PIMS (ISO 27701), and Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO). His research investigates the intersection of digital innovation, IP policy and economics of healthcare by exploring the key tenets of innovation with a focus on the digital health, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. This includes investigating the transformation of medical technology, drug development and healthcare delivery, as well as the associated legal, regulatory, policy and strategy questions raised by the growth of medical AI/ML/QC and biotech innovations for personalized medicine. Mateo’s research seeks to understand the drivers of technology-based innovation, IP incentives, and the determinants of how emergent medical technologies are protected, regulated, funded, developed, adopted and used in practice.

Mateo pursues research at the interface between technology, law, and innovation. His research ranges from biomedical signal processing (BSP) and R&D of novel medical devices to evidence-based IP studies of precision medicine and information age inventions (biomarkers, diagnostics, and algorithm/AI-based inventions), medical device regulation, information security, and data protection law. 

He is the author of more than 150 scholarly articles published in leading scientific, engineering and legal journals, including Nature Biotechnology, IEEE Transactions of Biomedical Engineering, Medical and Biological Engineering & Computing, Medical Engineering & Physics, Journal of Law & the Biosciences, International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), and Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice.. His professional experience includes work in various senior executive roles both in the private sector and in academia. As a Licensed Patent Practitioner, he has successfully prosecuted numerous cases before the USPTO, focusing primarily on medical device and computer-implemented inventions. He holds over 20 patents as an inventor.

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