Rafael Taboryski (He/Him)

Professor, Technical University of Denmark
  • Denmark

About Rafael Taboryski

Rafael Taboryski (RT) is full professor at DTU - Technical University of Denmark, National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization (DTU Nanolab), where he heads the nanofabrication research section. RTs research interests comprise applied research in nanofabrication of functional surfaces; wetting properties for solid surfaces; optical metasurfaces; anti-reflective surfaces; microfluidics; semiconductor physics and technology; electrochemical detection of neurotransmitters (not active); ion-channel recording in biological cells (not active); superconducting quantum transport (not active); low dimensional quantum materials (not active). Experimental methods expertise comprise nanofabrication in cleanroom environments (electron-beam lithography, deep UV lithography, wet and dry etching, thin film deposition), characterization methods (scanning electron microscopy, sensitive electrical measurements, contact angle measurements, optical measurements, atomic force microscopy, XPS, XRD, and optical interference microscopy), two-photon polymerization, fabrication of polymeric microdevices by origination in Si and replication in polymer by injection moulding and roll-to-roll extrusion coating.

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