Ricardo Moura (He/Him)

Invited Assistant Professor, Lisbon School of Economics and Management
  • Portugal

About Ricardo Moura

I hold a Ph.D. in Statistics and Risk Management – with a specialization in Statistics from NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT-NOVA) since 2016. I have been a Fulbright member since 2014.

Currently, I am an integrated member of the Center for Mathematics and Applications (NOVA Math) at FCT-NOVA and the Naval Research Center (CINAV) of the Navy. I also collaborate on the Mar-IA Project, developed by NOVA IMS in partnership with the Hydrographic Institute.

I have substantial professional experience, having taught in primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom (2008/2009), Guinea-Bissau (2005-2008), and Portugal (2009-2012), as well as in higher education institutions like FCT-NOVA (2012-2014, 2017/2018, 2022), the Naval School (2016-2022), and the Military Academy (2016-2018).

Since 2016, I have been working in the field of Statistics, particularly in Statistical Disclosure Control, and have published an article in the prestigious 'Journal of the American Statistical Association.' I was also a special guest at the US Census Bureau in Washington. My work also involves Decision Support Systems and Data Mining (with applications to naval military sciences and engineering), focusing on handling medium and large-sized databases, georreferenced data, and applying machine learning techniques, especially using Python.

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