Taikui Zhang

Postdoc, Pennsylvania State University
  • United States of America

About Taikui Zhang

Dr. Taikui Zhang is a postdoctoral scientist in Plant Genome Evolution section at the Pennsylvania State University, in Dr. Hong Ma’s lab. Taikui received his PhD from the Nanjing Forestry University under Dr. Zhaohe Yuan. His research sequenced the pomegranate genome and emphasized that pomegranate and other Myrtales shared a whole genome duplation (WGD) event, which affect the evolution of most gene duplicates retained in pomegranate. After his Ph.D. Taikui joined the Dr. Ji Qi's lab in Fudan University as a postdoctoral fellow and collaborated with Dr. Ma, constructing the phylogenomic landscape of WGDs in Asterids, one of two major plant groups of eudicots. Today, his research has focused on the grass genomics and phylogenomics, using bioinformatic analyses to detect the duplicates derived from WGDs that shared by grasses and to address how genome evolution affect the grass diversity. He is active in plant genomic community, serving as a guest editor for Horticulturae and a reviewer with broad interests in plant genomics, evolution, and bioinformatics for several Journals.

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