Thomas Grey (He/Him)

Research Fellow /Course Director (built environment/inclusion/sustainability), TrinityHaus, Trinity College Dublin
  • Ireland

About Thomas Grey

I hold a degree in architecture from the Dublin Institute of Technology and a Masters in architecture (Sustainability of the Built Environment) from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Following 10 years in practice working on projects in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the US and NZ. I joined TrinityHaus Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin in 2009. Since then I have undertaken a variety of urbanism and architectural research projects across all spatial scales examining how people-centred design can support inclusion, health, wellbeing and social participation throughout the lifecourse.

Much of this work focuses on accessible and age-attuned urban space, communities and neighbourhoods, hospitals, residential long term care settings, housing, and gardens and greenspace. This work is underpinned by Universal Design to include all people regardless of age, ability, disability, or neurodiversity. 

I brings together this people-centred design approach with my expertise in sustainable and low-carbon design to help create integrated built environments that support resilient, climate-responsive, healthful, and inclusive communities.

I serve as expert and advisor with a number of national organisations and committees such as the National Standards Authority of Ireland (e.g. Chair of NSAI/TC 023/SC 01 Accessibility in Built Environment) and the BRE Sub-group on housing for our ageing population. I also act as convenor support as part of the creation of new international standard ISO 25553 "Smart Multigenerational Neighbourhoods - Guidance and Requirements.

All of these projects, research work, and outreach are based on collaboration, co-creation, and transdisciplinary methods and processes.


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