Umair Akram

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Lincoln
  • United Kingdom

About Umair Akram

My research examines cognitive and behavioral factors underlying insomnia. In particular, self-perception of tiredness, facial cues of tiredness, sleep-related cognitive biases and the relationship between sleep and psychiatric difficulty. On the side, I like to examine the perception and therapeutic potential of internet memes related to psychiatric disorders. 

I competed my PhD at Northumbria University, examining cognition in insomnia. Following, I succesfully read for the PDip in Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford. Prior, I completed the BSc Psychology program at the University of Hull. After working as a Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, I currently  work as a Senior Lecturer in psychology at the University of Lincoln. 

Moreover, I serve as an associate editor for: npj Mental Health Research, and Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Nature).

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Psychiatric difficulties amongst UK university students: the preventative role of sleep, self-disgust and loneliness

Vulnerability to psychiatric distress and mental health difficulties remains high in university students. Our work determined the prevalence and correlates of multiple psychiatric risk factors including anxiety, depression, mania, stress, psychotic experiences, suicidal ideation, and loneliness.


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