Vida Abedi (She/Her)

Dr, Penn State University
  • United States of America

About Vida Abedi

Formally trained as an Engineer and Biochemist, with a masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, I have a broad interdisciplinary background in Natural Language Processing (NLP), statistical tools and techniques with a good understanding of biological sciences and medicine. Currently, my focus is on leveraging various AI technologies and data from EHR/EMR to confront the transformational challenges that are in part due to the digitalization of healthcare and the availability of complex data. More specifically, I have worked extensively on outcome prediction models in the field of cerebrovascular diseases (such as stroke and related risk factors). I have worked on addressing the challenges of using EHR for prediction models, such as addressing the missing data challenge by imputations. I have over 100 peer review publications in the field of medical informatics, machine learning, and precision medicine. I work with a broad range of healthcare providers and engineers as well as public health experts.


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