Wenzheng Fang

Professor, East China Normal University
  • China

About Wenzheng Fang

Professor, atmospheric chemistry and environment, School of Geographic Sciences, Faculty of Earth Sciences, East China Normal University.

My interests but not limited: (1) source apportionment and atmospheric processes of BC, OC (e.g., brown C) aerosols during transport and their effects on climate and environment; (2) microplastics and effects; (3) the pollution in snow and ice and climate impacts; (4) design and development of advanced instruments (e.g., Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer); (5) emissions and sinks of BVOCs as well as their reactions with oxidants (e.g., OH, ozone); (6) formation and evolution of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formed from photo-oxidation of VOCs; (7) measurements of radiative forcing and effects of brown carbon aerosols; (8) photochemistry of some air pollutants as well as heterogeneous reactions between aerosols, radicals, and VOCs.


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