Young-Jin Ahn

Professor, Chonnam National University
  • Korea (Republic of)

About Young-Jin Ahn

Prof Dr Young-Jin Ahn is a distinguished professor of geography at Chonnam National University, where he imparts knowledge.

Research and Teaching: Economic, Social, Political and Urban Geography.

His academic endeavours are anchored in geographical theory and regional development theory, with a focus on European regional studies. This specialisation enables him to explore the complexity of regional planning and socio-economic strategies in different European settings.

Throughout his career, Prof Dr Ahn has devoted himself to the question of how geographical factors influence the social and economic environment. His work aims to combine theoretical insights with practical applications and equip students with the skills to effectively tackle complex geographical challenges.

For enquiries or collaboration opportunities, Prof Dr Ahn can be reached at

He is always willing to explore the geographical dimensions of our world with other scholars and students.


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