Yuan-Yuan Cai

PhD, China Pharmaceutical University
  • China

About Yuan-Yuan Cai

  1. Expert in bioinformatics: molecular docking and dynamics; upstream analysis of sequence data (Metagenome, RNA-seq, Transcriptome, single-cell); metabolomics analysis; Functional analysis and biomarkers discovery ; combined multi-omics analysis. (https://github.com/Nora1993C)
  2. Skilled at Research cartographic and statistical Analysis, Building of Scientific Data Analytical Pipelines on Linux.
  3. Experimental skills: animal anatomy (atherosclerosis), DNA extraction, QPCR, plasmid expression and protein purification; Cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms.
  4. Softwares: Autodock 4.0, Amber 18, Shell, Perl, R, Python, DNAMAN, MEGAN, MEGA, mafft, Gblock, RAxML; cutadapt, bwa, MetaGeneMark, SOAPdenovo2, QIIME, Tophat2, HISAT2, STAR, Seurat, etc. UPLC-Q/TOF-MS, UPLC-QQQ/MS, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy.


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